How To Plan A Profitable In-Person Event with Marsha Battee

Marsha Battee shares the story of how she creates visibility for visionary entrepreneurs by helping them plan successful and productive in-person events using the six-rights framework.

How to Plan A Profitable In-Person Event To Build Your Brand – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

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Tiktok video logo on a dark blue background - learn how to edit Tiktok videos

Learn how to edit Tiktok videos for your business and discover marketing strategies that help you create engaging content.

How To Edit Tiktok Videos To 5x Your Engagement

Tiktok Trends For 2023 - Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

On this episode of Your Sparkly Brand, we’re taking a deep dive into what’s working on TikTok right NOW. We’ll chat about best practices and how you can effectively utilize them to promote your brand.

Tiktok Trends for 2023 – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

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Tiktok Tips For Entrepreneurs with Wave Wyld - Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

In this episode, Wave Wyld sharing her top tips for entrepreneurs on TikTok. Discover why it’s not just for teens and how you can start making sales.

TikTok Tips for Entrepreneurs With Wave Wyld – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Your Sparkly Brand

Ever feel like you don’t deserve the success you have in your business? In this episode, we tackle how to overcome imposter syndrome.

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome As A Creative Entrepreneur – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

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This Your Sparkly Brand episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur who struggles with productivity and wants to find more time flow!

Exploring Time Flow & Creativity with Rosalind Croad

Elements Of High-Converting Homepages - Your Sparkly Brand

Your business’s homepage is your castle on the internet. If you want to create a website that converts – meaning that you’ll capture more leads and/or boost sales, you must have these 8 elements on your website.

Want A Website That Converts? Integrate These Homepage Elements

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Setting Business Boundaries - Your Sparkly Brand

Setting business boundaries in your business can be tricky, but it’s important to keep you from getting burnt out! Listen to this episode now!

Setting Business Boundaries As A Creative Entrepreneur

From Agency To Business Owner Featuring Heather Cleverly

Ever wondered what the transition is like from agency to small business owner? This podcast episode focuses on exactly that! We’re so excited to have Heather Cleverly as our first Sparkly guest! 

Becoming A Small Business Owner with Heather Cleverly

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The Dream Client Quest - A Woman Looking at her phone with paintbushes in the foreground

Are you wondering where to find the dream client or customer for your business? Not sure what that even means!?! In this episode, we’re breaking down this seemingly complex topic.

The Dream Client Quest – Discover The Perfect Audience For Your Business