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Ready to discover how to write product descriptions that sell? In this episode of Your Sparkly Brand, we’re diving deep into the art of creating powerful and profitable product descriptions that will make your products fly off the shelves in 2023.

If you’re tired of lackluster sales and struggling to find the right words to showcase your products, then this episode is for you. Get ready to unleash your creativity and boost your sales with our expert tips and tricks.

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Lauren puts systems in place for her business.
  • Meg experiments with longer form content on TikTok.
  • Today, we’re talking about how to write product descriptions that sell.
  • Importance of product descriptions.
  • Photos are great, but selling happens in the product description.
  • Lauren’s formula for writing product descriptions that sell.
  • Know your audience.
  • Have a brand voice.
  • Connect your product and your process to your customer’s life.
  • Sell emotions along with the product.
  • Integrating SEO components into product descriptions while still evoking emotions.
  • Show the worth of your product and its versatility by painting a picture.
  • Things you should never do when it comes to product descriptions.
  • Do not copy from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Save the boring step for the bullet.
  • Brand voice guide and product description.
  • Ideal length for product description.
  • Brands that are killing it in product descriptions.
  • Speak Your Mind poll.
  • How Lauren can help with your product description.

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