The Truth About Omni-Channel Social Media in 2023 with The Mad Marketing Mums – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast


You may have heard the buzz words – “omni-channel social media,” but what does that actually mean?

Having an omni-channel social media approach simply means that your business shows up with content across multiple social media channels.

Today’s episode of Your Sparkly Brand is double the fun! We’re welcoming the hosts of The Mad Marketing Mums Podcast, Clementine Holman and Kryshla Salaris. They share insights into how they’ve helped business owners find their footing on social media and show up consistently. We also discuss how entrepreneurs can take an omnichannel approach to social media in growing their businesses, and how they can avoid creative blocks and social media burnouts.

Clem is the Queen Bee of Honey Bee Social, where she helps businesses systemize their socials and grow their communities without the ick factor. She left the corporate space in favor of assisting people-centered businesses who struggled to find their footing on social media and felt overwhelmed by the work involved in creating and posting content. Outside of work, you’ll most likely find Clem roaming around her bush property trying (and potentially failing) to grow some bush tucker, or seeking out the newest local culinary delight Sydney has to offer.

Kryshla is an Instagram and Content Marketing Coach and the founder of Shall We Social, helping women grow their businesses online with sustainable strategies designed to work for YOU and YOUR business.

With over 12 years of experience in social media marketing, Kryshla has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of small biz bosses and savvy service providers inside her courses and via 1:1 coaching, including copywriters, dietitians, authors, photographers, beauty and fitness professionals, designers, stylists, and coaches.

Her mission is to give you the confidence and skills to show up with style on any social media platform – especially on video!

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Meet Clementine Holman!
  • Meet Kryshla Salaris!
  • Lauren’s sparkly moment of the week. 
  • Meg’s sparkly moment.
  • Clem’s sparkly moment.
  • Kryshla’s sparkly moments. 
  • Clem’s business building journey.
  • Why Clem decided to focus on social media.
  • Kryshla’s business building journey.
  • How business owners can level up their social media bio to promote their professional reputation while still connecting with their audience.
  • What is an omni-channel social media approach?
  • Cross-promoting content with an omni-channel social media approach.
  • What a good social media investment is for someone looking to grow their business.
  • Tools and resources for generating content ideas.
  • Tips for overcoming creative blocks.
  • How to avoid social media burnouts.
  • The Mad Marketing Mums Podcast.
  • Kryshla’s piece of advice to her younger self at the point of uplevelling her business.
  • Clem’s piece of advice to her younger self at the point of uplevelling her business.
  • Clem & Kryshla’s upcoming projects.
  • Where to find Clem & Kryshla online…

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