3 Keys To Building A Music Brand That Stands Out

If you want your music brand to stand out amongst all of the competition, you’ve got to go above and beyond with your branding strategy.

Below you will find three secrets to creating the cult-like following that you have been craving which will help you attract more leads and get more sales in your music business.


Which music branding strategy do you need to focus on? ✨ Consistent, personality-packed visuals paired with authentic community building creates unforgettable music brands. Need help coming up with some creative ideas for how to implement this for your music business? Get in touch! #musicbranding #womeninmusicbusiness #musiccreative #djproducers #artistmanagers

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Key #1: Create a visual through-line in your music brand between your digital marketing and your in-person marketing.

Do you have a signature color or pattern that you can use consistently throughout your marketing materials to build brand memorability?

Fred again.. is an amazing example of this. Each of his records has a specific color associated with it.

He recently gave out semi-transparent cards that matched these album covers at his shows, and encouraged attendees to put it over their phone lights to light up the venue in that specific color. Super cool idea, right?!

This is such a great reminder that getting your colors, logo, etc. in place for your music business is only one piece of the larger branding puzzle.

Taking these brand elements and using them in creative ways is really where the magic happens.

Key #2: Add some kind of “wow” factor to your music brand to build memorability.

Think about how you can elevate the ordinary or make your music brand unforgettable.

This could mean integrating some kind of surprise element at your in-person events, giving a special gift to your biggest supporters, or special access to your work.

Some of my most favorite concert experiences have been when the artist has brought out a special guest or there was some type of theatrical elements that made for great photography moments.

Perhaps this is making you think of a specific experience that you have had where the brand that you were interacting with absolutely knocked it out of the park.

What were the things that made the experience feel like they went above and beyond?

I always encourage my branding clients to take a look at what other music businesses that are similar to them are doing and then brainstorm about how they can do the complete opposite or differentiate their business in some way.

Key #3: Make it a goal to connect with and cultivate your community within your music brand.

Qveen Herby is one musical artist that I see absolutely slaying in this department.

I always see her responding to comments, engaging in conversation with her fans and creating conversation.

This is such an underutilized strategy where you have the opportunity to use your music brand’s voice and personalization to make those long-lasting, authentic connections.

Which of these brand strategies do you need to focus on? I truly hope that this article helped to spark some creative branding ideas for you!

Need some help building a memorable music brand that will stand out from the crowd?

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