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Are you at a crossroad about what makes your business unique? Are you stuck on how to effectively communicate your USP (unique selling proposition) to your audience? Then check out the latest ep of Your Sparkly Brand… we’ll shed light on all you need to know about USP. 

In this episode, we’re also talking about the importance of a USP and we’re giving actionable tips on how to discover yours. We’re also discussing practical ways by which you can make your unique selling proposition a core part of your brand messaging and we’re sharing relatable examples of brands that are standing out with their USPs.

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Meg works with her husband in his Downtown office.
  • Lauren takes action on her long-time plans.
  • We’d love to hear from you, our listeners.
  • Today, we’re talking about USP.
  • USP is what makes your business stand out from competitors.
  • The importance of USP to your branding and marketing.
  • How to find your USP.
  • Identify what makes you different.
  • Check out the competition.
  • Know your ideal customer.
  • Put it all together.
  • Communicate your USP throughout your marketing message.
  • How to communicate your USP
  • Your USP isn’t set in stones.
  • Some examples.

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Build Your Brand With Your Unique Selling Proposition

Now that you have an understanding of how to build your unique selling proposition, it’s time to infuse that positioning into a bold branding identity that will attract your ideal clients.

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