Photo of an woman music artist singing into a microphone - featured image for my music website reviews

These music website reviews showcase some of my best recommendations for standing out from the crowd and modernizing your website design.

Music Website Reviews That You Can Steal Marketing Strategies From

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Your Sparkly Brand - How to get tons of value from your business investments - like custom branding design, website design, and copywriting

Here’s exactly what to do AFTER you have invested in your custom branding design, website design, or copywriting.

How To Effectively Utilize Your New Custom Branding Design And Website Design – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

Creating Powerful & Profitable Product Descriptions That Sell in 2023

If you’re tired of lackluster sales and struggling to find the right words to showcase your products, then this episode is for you. Get ready to unleash your creativity and boost your sales with our expert tips and tricks.

Creating Powerful & Profitable Product Descriptions That Sell in 2023 – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

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Showit website templates and Meg's Switch To Showit

Are you tired of feeling restricted by clunky website builders? Then this episode is for you because today, we’re talking all about why Showit is the ultimate secret weapon for creating stunning websites with ease. Whether you’re a service provider, creator, influencer, blogger, digital product owner or just have a personal brand, get ready to discover the power of Showit and unleash your inner website design badass!

Slay Your Website Design with Showit Website Templates – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

Unlocking the web design process - Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

Curious about what redesigning your website might entail? In this episode, we break down the step-by-step web design process. Listen now!

Unlocking the Web Design Process – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast – Ep 65

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Website Homepage Shown On a Desktop Computer And A Phone

Want more conversions on your website? Learn the secrets of how to make a website homepage that generates business sales.

How To Make A Website Homepage That Converts

How Web Design Impacts Business - Photo of graph on a computer screen

Learn how web design impacts how visitors feel about your brand, and how to optimize your website to get more conversions.

How Web Design Impacts Business Sales

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Person logging in to their Shopify website to check their checkout flow optimization

Are you struggling to make more sales in your business? Then you’ve come to the right place. I want to show you three different ways that you can potentially streamline your marketing and your checkout flow process so that you can make more sales in your business.

Checkout Flow Optimization That Drives Sales

Want more website sales? This business owner is looking at their sales graph on their computer.

Who doesn’t want more website sales?

A lot of brick and mortar businesses have hit me up this week because they have been shifting their strategy to focus more on their digital marketing strategy.

Want More Website Sales?

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