How To Edit Tiktok Videos To 5x Your Engagement

Have you ever wanted to learn how to edit Tiktok videos for your business but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further!

Learning how to create great Tiktok content takes practice and testing. In this blog post, we will cover several best practices that will accelerate your account on the platform.

Why do you need to know how to edit Tiktok videos in the first place? Tiktok is a fast-paced app that people use to get inspired, to learn, and to be entertained. In short, unedited video isn’t often very compelling. Editing your videos strategically can help to keep viewers engaged.

Let’s get into the Tiktok marketing strategies…

How To Edit Tiktok Videos: Preparation

Watch well-performing videos in your niche to see how the videos were created. To do this, open Tiktok, and go to the Discover page. At the top of the page, you will see a search bar. Type in a keyword relating to your niche. You will then be able to browse popular videos by creator, top videos, sounds, or hashtags. Watch 20-30 of the best performing videos for each of your searches. 

You should not copy other creators, but studying others’ content will give you an idea of how to edit Tiktok videos. You will want to look for: 

  • What does the video format look like? Is there a beginning, middle, and end?
  • What topics are popular?
  • What hashtags are used?
  • What does the caption say? 
  • Do the creators use effects?
  • Is there any text within the video? 
  • Did the creator include a call to action? (Share this, comment with your favorite, Follow for X type of content). 
  • What sounds are they using?

See if you can find any similarities throughout the top-performing videos. Now, consider how you might be able to integrate some of these elements into your content in your own way.

Technical Components For Filming your Tiktok videos

Make sure that your video is well-lit.

Videos that are too dark can sometimes wrongfully be flagged by the Tiktok algorithm. You can find some fairly inexpensive lighting kits on Amazon, or face a big open window while filming. You don’t NEED professional lightning, but you should be able to easily tell what is going on in the video.

Shoot video in vertical format.

When a video is uploaded that is too small, you will notice that Tiktok automatically adds black letterbox-style bars above and below the video. Filling the frame with video can help viewers see what is happening and provide a better user experience.

iPhone video is preferred, if available.

The quality of upload between iPhone vs other phones is noticeable. There have even been some studies that have shown that iPhone videos perform better on Tiktok.

If speaking directly to the camera, look at the camera lens.

A very common mistake that beginner Tiktokers make is looking at themselves when using the front-facing camera. Instead, when you look at the camera lens, it will look like you are making eye-contact with the viewer. This helps to engage the viewer, so that they watch for longer.

Film video in multiple video clips.

To do this, simply use the Timer feature to start / stop the clip during filming. You can also tap the red Record button to start filming, and then tap it again to stop filming. Creating your video in multiple clips will allow you to cut any pauses in the editing phase.

If you are able to have someone pose as the “face” of the brand, this can help with brand recognition over time.

If viewers see the same person pop up in their feed with value over and over, they will eventually see that person as a reliable source of information. When you see a familiar face, you are less likely to scroll if that person has helped you in the past. 

When speaking to the camera, avoid using industry-specific jargon.

When you use common terms that a non-expert could understand, you’ll be able to better communicate your message. 

Now that you’ve got a handle on some of the technical components, let’s talk about some marketing strategies that you can integrate.

Photo of Hand Holding Phone - Man learning how to edit Tiktok videos

Marketing Strategies For How To Edit Tiktok Videos

Structuring your videos in a compelling way

When you’re learning how to edit Tiktok videos, it’s important to understand the concept that each video should have a beginning, middle, and end.

The beginning should include your hook and build up to what the viewer can expect in the video. In the middle of the video, deliver the value the you promised in the beginning.

Finally, you will show the reveal / best tip that you teased in the beginning. With this strategy, you encourage viewers to watch your videos for longer, which will positively impact your overall video performance.

Implementing a hook

Implementing a hook is one of the most important parts of learning how to edit Tiktok videos. Neglecting to include it is one of the most common mistakes that I see creators make in my marketing coaching sessions.

You only have about 3 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention, and the quality of your hook will impact your overall video performance. When people are scrolling the app, this first impression will determine whether people will watch the video or keep on moving. 

One way to get the attention of your target audience is to call them out at the beginning of your video. For example, you might start the video with “Small Business Owners, do you have a holiday promotions plan in place?”

Create the video setting

Try to think about the backgrounds / setting of your video as much as possible. Remember – Tiktok is a visual platform. 

Many creators will intentionally add odd items to the backgrounds of their videos in order to create chatter in the comments. More comments means more time spent on your video, which means that it will be pushed to more people.

Using a call to action to encourage what they should do next

Using a call to action in your video can help with encouraging viewers to take action. Mix up your CTAs in your marketing strategy for highest impact. Here are some example calls to action:

  • Follow to grow your biz
  • Comment with your favorite
  • Share this with your biz bestie
  • Like this if it resonated with you

You can integrate this by adding text to your video, saying it outloud to the camera, or using it in your caption.

Keep your Tiktok videos short

Let’s be real – it can be hard to keep viewers’ attention. When you create shorter engaging videos, you have a better chance of the viewer watching for greater completion percentage. On the flip side, if your videos are too short, the algorithm won’t push them to very many new viewers on the For You page. Study your analytics to see what length works best for your account. 

Feel like you can’t squeeze in everything you want to say in a short video? You’ve got a few options:

  • Create a multi-part series. People love to binge series on the app, and the more time they spend on your profile, the better. 
  • Focus on creating videos that include 1 mini tip per post. Don’t try to give the audience the whole enchilada. What’s one tool / tip / strategy that you can give them that will help them in their journey? 

Add captions to your Tiktok videos

When exploring to how to edit Tiktok videos, you may see many videos within your research that have closed captions.

Captions create movement in your video as they appear and leave the screen. This helps to keep viewers engaged to watch for longer. 

Some viewers will also be watching your video with the sound off. With captions enabled, you are still able to add context to what is happening in the video. 

Using overlaid text for the hook of your video can be a great way to grab people’s attention as well.

Use filters and effects sparingly

When experimenting with how to edit Tiktok videos, it’s important to not overproduce your content. Video that is too filtered can be distracting for the viewer. Because the culture of the Tiktok app celebrates authenticity, it’s best to keep filters to a minimum. 

Similarly, there are a ton of fun effects to use on Tiktok. Use the effects in your content strategy to emphasize or dramatize your points, but again, don’t overuse them. As a business, you want to make sure that viewers can focus on the content of your video and not get distracted. 

Use adjust clips to trim the dead space out of your videos

One of the most important things to consider when learning how to edit Tiktok videos is to use the Adjust Clips button to trim the dead space from your videos. Use the red handles on either side of each clip to reduce pauses, and get straight to the value of the content.


In conclusion, learning how to edit Tiktok videos takes time, but can be a valuable skill to harness. It takes practice before you can get good at creating engaging content that people want to watch – but with some patience and persistence, anyone can do it.

Here’s what I have seen that is working on Tiktok in 2023.

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