Going Off Grid: Growing a Coaching Business Without Social Media with Kathleen Oh – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast


Ever wondered if it was possible to grow your coaching business without social media? You bet it is!

Social media feels like an integral part of our everyday lives, but what happens when your business is based on topics and ideas that aren’t widely accepted? How do you market your business without social media?

On this episode of Your Sparkly Brand, our guest, Kathleen Oh, shares the story of how she was able to grow her coaching business while off the grid. She shares strategies and tips that are helpful to building a business without social media. 

Kathleen Oh is a coach, writer, and safe drug use advocate and educator specializing in psychedelic integration. She offers coaching services focusing on the continued care and well-being of clients from high-stress, high-performance careers as the center of their work. Despite the challenge of unpopular conversations writing and truth-telling just won’t let go. Speaking up about the brutal truth and psychedelic use ultimately got her micro-influencer account on Instagram banned. Kathleen stretches healing into deceptively simple places with unapologetic words, now sharing openly and honestly on Substack.

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Meet Kathleen Oh.
  • Meg’s sparkly moment of the week.
  • Lauren’s sparkly moment.
  • Kathleen’s sparkly moment.
  • Kathleen’s business building journey.
  • How Kathleen identified her target audience.
  • Challenges Kathleen faced when she started speaking up about psychedelic use.
  • Taking a leap from breathwork to psychedelics.
  • Decision to quit Instagram and build her business without social media
  • Experience with Substack and the performance compared to some other social platforms.
  • Tips for building a business without social media.
  • Kathleen’s golden nugget to her younger self.
  • Kathleen’s upcoming projects.
  • Where to find Kathleen online…

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