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Today, we’re giving you personal updates on what’s going on in our businesses. We’re sharing our successes with you, as well as letting you in on our struggles and the lessons we’ve learned so far. We are also revealing the tools, tips and hacks that have been making things easier for us in our businesses.

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Meg completes a branding project to the satisfaction of her client.
  • Lauren attends energizing coaching courses.
  • What we have going on in our businesses.
  • What we are celebrating as creative business owners.
  • Our struggles as creative business owners.
  • Lessons we’ve learned lately.
  • Tools, hacks and tips that have been working for us.
  • Our intentions and goals for ourselves as creative business owners over the next 3 months.
  • Things we would love to cultivate more of in our businesses.
  • Hindrances to cultivating those things.
  • Our top three priorities as creative business owners for the next 3 months.

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Your Sparkly Brand – Ep 71 – Dreamy AF Clients


Lauren: Hello and welcome to Your Sparkly Brand, the podcast for game-changing badass business owners who aren’t afraid to sparkle and stand out. We’re all about fighting the status quo in marketing and branding so you can reach more people and make more money, coaches, creatives, and thought leaders. Here you’ll discover how to become magnetic AF so you can build and scale a sparkly empire.

I’m Lauren Tassi, a digital marketing expert for coaches and course creators, and I’m joined by my co-host, the branding and web design queen Megan Gersch. Hi, Megan

Megan: Hey, how are you?

Lauren: I’m doing good.

Megan: How are you? I’m doing great. Thanks for asking.

Lauren: Awesome. How was your week? What’s your sparkly moment?

Megan: So I just had a client get back to me late last night, and basically I had done a branding project for her and literally no changes, literally approved on the first go. So it feels pretty good to have hit that home run on the first try. So making me feel a little sparkly.

Lauren: Ooh. I feel like that’s good anecdote to today’s topic too.

Megan: Absolutely. What about you? What was your sparkly moment?

Lauren: So, this is pretty basic, but a standing desk. I actually have like, my desk is kind of like a drafting table design. So I’ve had a standing desk for years and I rarely like actually put it up, but my back was hurting a couple weeks ago, so I was like, let me switch things.

So I put it up and I had it, I’ve had it up for like two weeks and then on Monday I wasn’t feeling that great and I was like, you know what? I’m kind of tired. Let me put the standing nest down. Not as good. Don’t like it as much. So now I gotta figure out, like, I think our, I need a second dedicated area for sitting, because right now I’m like standing and doing great, but then when I like go to take a break, I’m like all hunched over again and probably shoved into a corner and not doing good things for my back.

But it feels good to, I think it’s good for like calls and stuff too, to be on your feet.

Megan: Yeah. There’s something about standing, like energy wise. I’ve noticed that like I do my TikTok lives and I’m standing during those and like total energy shift because it’s just like you’re up, you’re like moving around, like your whole body is engaged.

Like it definitely makes a difference.

Lauren: All right, so let’s talk about today’s episode. Let’s talk about a little bit where we’re going with the podcast in general. So we have done 70 episodes of this podcast, whether that’s believable or not. So we’re kind of, we, Megan and I have been talking lately about like, what else?

What are we talking about? What else is there to say for like new business owners? And we kind of realized that like we’ve done that, you know, there’s 70 episodes about how to build a business, how to start from scratch, how to DIY at all in your own. We – both in our businesses and the clients we’re working with – just really aren’t in that like DIY, do it on your own phase anymore.

Like, I have a team of like people that’s growing every week that are helping me do things. So I think that’s, that’s where we’re going with this podcast. We’re really sort of taking it up a level and it’s, you know, more high-level marketing and branding, advice topics, business mindset stuff. And so we’re starting that off today with, our episode about dreamy AF clients, right?

And for me, that is coaches and course creators, the ones who are out there really making a change in the world. Those who wanna do things differently and aren’t afraid to shine bright. My dream client knows they need help with their marketing and they’re happy to pay an expert to take it off their plate.

Megan: Yeah, definitely. And I’m so excited about the new direction of the podcast. When it comes to my dream client, I really love to work with creative types that aren’t afraid to make bold moves in their business. These are people that have usually been in business for a few years at this point.

Like you said, the DIY is just starting to not cut it anymore. Like they need to really make some changes in order to really stand out in their niche and in their market. And there’s also a kind of personal element that I’ve noticed amongst, some of my favorite clients, and it’s that they no longer feel excited or they no longer feel, confident in their brand.

I’ve heard from several people. I’ve been afraid to send my website out. I’ve been afraid to market my business because I know that it’s not a true reflection of where I’m at in business. And that is like, a big, big indicator that it’s time to make a change with your branding or with your website.

And so these are people that really are ready to step into that power and really own themselves and like what it means to, really embody their businesses and, stand for, you know, their core values and kind of get their message out.

Lauren: Yeah. I think that’s the interesting thing about like, especially like when I was starting like a dreamy client or like an ideal client, right? Like it was really like someone who could pay me, someone who needs a copywriter, and now it’s just like, it’s more specific, but then it’s also kind of general as well, like.

I can know like after a few minutes on a Zoom if you are a dream client for me, and sometimes, and I don’t advise this to this, cuz right now some of my clients are all over the place, but they’re all dream clients cuz they’re like amazing people with amazing businesses, but sometimes they’re all over the place.

Like I love coaches and course creators. I feel like as, as a group, those people are really my people. But sometimes, you know what, I got a client who has a solar installation business right now and they’re so cool and what they’re doing is they’re really changing that industry. So I think that’s part of like the up-leveling of the podcast and the up-leveling of us in our businesses is like really getting narrower on that, but knowing within us what is a dream client?

Megan: I think you pointed out something super important too about like actually getting on a Zoom call with people and having video during that call, especially like in my opinion, is so, so important just because like there’s so much more you can get across in video and you can kind of get like the vibe of the person, like you said, like within a few minutes of being on the call.

And that has been such a big indicator for me as well, like when I’m talking to potential clients when I’m considering bringing on someone new into my business. And like, it’s just so important to do that vibe, check to do, you know, speak face to face as much as you can, like, through the powers of Zoom.

And to just to make sure that like, you know, can you envision yourself working with that person, you know, over the next month or two months or three months, however long the project goes.

Lauren: Yeah, I think that’s super important. And I, I’m always surprised when somebody takes, like, makes it a phone call these days.

Like when I’m working with someone or like you know, approaching somebody about their services and I’m always like, oh, okay. I mean, I respect that you can do that, but everybody uses Zoom now. So there’s not like that barrier of like, well, here’s how it works. You gotta click the link.

Like, we know how it works.

Megan: So let’s talk a bit about how exactly to attract these dreamy AF clients. So this is gonna obviously be different for all different types of businesses, but I’d love to tell you a bit about my process. So I specifically tried to craft my marketing with that ideal client in mind.

I also make sure that I’m saying like, What I do believe in and what I don’t believe in, in order to try to repel those wrong people for my business. So, you know, I’m trying to repel any kind of hustle, bro, kind of culture, bro. Marketing, we just did an episode on that. And I also try to share some behind-the-scenes and relatable content as well, just.

To, you know, try to humanize my brand, try to attract like-minded folks to my business. And then some folks will follow me for a while. Some folks will get on my email list. I’ve had a combination of, those two prongs essentially becoming clients in my business. But, what I do as far as an intake process is basically if you are interested in working together at all, I have an application process in place for my business.

So you would reach out via the application? I would receive the application at that time, I would take a look at your answers, basically. See like, Do we seem aligned on paper? Does it feel like a good fit? You know, energetically based on like what you are asking for, can I deliver what you’re asking for?

Is that something within my wheelhouse? If it feels like a good fit, that’s when I say, okay, yes, I’ll reach back out to you. With a link to schedule out a zoom call, basically, we will do kind of an intro call. Again, this is like the vibe check of like, do I want to work with this person? Do I wanna bring this person into my business?

If that’s a yes you know, I will put together a project scope as well as pricing and timeline for the project that we have been talking about. If the person wants to move forward at that time we would go to contract and then we start the onboarding process to start working together.

Lauren: And I assume that like you have refined this process over the years.

What, I mean, is there anything that like immediately didn’t work for you or that you’re like, I’ve learned my lesson there.

Megan: Yeah. I’ve tried many, many different things. I was doing discovery calls, like free 15-minute discovery calls for a really long time in my business, especially, as a younger entrepreneur.

And when I went back and looked at like, how much time I was spending on discovery calls, like it was like, you know, I was doing like five or six discovery calls every week and, you know, time adds up. Like that’s taking you away from, you know, stuff that you could be doing to push your business forward.

A lot of those times, like people would just try to get on the call to get free advice or to, you know, pick my brain about something. And it’s like, no, this is actually, you know, supposed to be like a call where we’re like kind of feeling each other out when you’re, you know, these people would be approaching me for, you know, whatever they could get out of me at the time.

Lauren: Oh yeah, that’s a good thing to learn. I mean, you know, it’s a hard thing to learn that way, but it’s good to learn that early on. Yeah. What about you? So I am in the process of updating all of this, but I can share sort of what I’ve learned and then what I’m going towards. So when I first started SEO, and it’s still SEO is like a huge driver for me in terms of clients.

I ranked for e-commerce copywriter within a month of putting my website up there, like on the first page of Google for e-commerce copywriter. There are so many niches in e-commerce. I would get like, marine boat parts people. I got somebody who had 10,000 different types of door hinges and they needed product descriptions for that.

I was just like, no, I don’t wanna do this. What about my website thinks I wanna do this? And that’s when I really leaned into the branding, right? When I was like, it’s, we’re making it pink. We’re going all in. I’m like, Fashion and lifestyle. So branding was huge for me right in the beginning, even when I was DIYing everything, just because it’s so important and it really does repel and attract the right people.

And in doing that, I mean, I’m sure my copy and my messaging were just like packed full of personality. Like it’s really sassy. It’s not for somebody who wants like stuffy and professional. And I’ve also, and I’m, I’ve might be changing this as I grow, but right now I sell my prices on my website at least like package prices.

I think that that has helped turn off people who are like, we are not anywhere in the same ballpark, right? If you’re not willing to invest thousands in copy, somebody else is gonna be a better copywriter for you. So that for me has worked and I’m just, I think I might try not doing it and see how it goes in the future, but for me, it’s worked.

And then my future pipeline sort of process is really a full-funnel, right? It’s a, it’s gonna be a, you know, you get an ad or you talk to me on LinkedIn or somewhere you’re getting an ad, and then you’ll fill out a form to book a call with me.

And that form will, has questions on it that like if you’re not a good fit, you won’t be asked to book a call. Or you’ll be led down the book, a call. You’ll end up on the email list, get some nurture emails. In between the time we talk, in, between the time we talk again, in between we start a contract.

So that is in place. I haven’t really started using it yet. We’re in the process right now.

Megan: Very cool. So let’s talk about a few other ways that you can use in your own business to attract these dreamy AF clients. So as always, we always go back to like knowing your ideal client, really understanding them inside and out.

Making sure, like you said, that your branding appeals to them. This includes getting really. Clear on your core values and what you stand for and let that really shine through in your marketing. You can also use color as a tool to, elicit some kind of, you know, emotional response in people.

You can also use color within your marketing to create that brand recognition. So if one of your colors is pink, you keep showing up in your marketing and pink t-shirt so you have a pink background, like that’s gonna eventually with time, like become one of those recognizable traits of your brand, and people will come to, recognize you and trust you as you continue to show up with valuable information.

The other thing is you also want to show up online where your ideal clients are actually spending their time. So maybe that’s social media, or maybe that’s somewhere else. Just make sure that you know, your clients are actually hanging out there because otherwise, you may wind up kind of spinning your wheels.

And make sure to also engage meaningfully and authentically with these types of people.

Lauren: Yeah. Some other ones to talk about is to make sure that your messaging is consistent everywhere. It’s one of those things that like, it just, when it’s off, it’s off and your client is gonna like, know it.

They might not be able to tell you why they don’t quite trust you, why they’re not quite ready to buy. But if somebody else, Is writing this copy and somebody else is writing this copy and you are writing this copy. It’s just, it’s never gonna mesh and it’s always gonna feel a little weird. Another thing to do is to know your value and price accordingly, right?

Dreamy clients, they pay and they’re happy to pay because they trust you and they want to take something off their plate. They want to have the experts in their corner. We’re always talking about raising your prices, knowing your value, price accordingly. And another one is to ask for referrals.

Right? Cool people know cool people. It’s such a great way to find new clients and has people that like maybe wouldn’t have come across your world. End up in your corner. And a good way to do that is to like offer a reward. I have a system right now that I feel is a little low-budget.

I need to find a way that’s like cool and on brand and like have that in place because I know it’s a valuable thing to have to just be like, hey, so, you know, so I’m working on that.

Megan: That could be a good podcast.

Lauren: Ooh. There you go!

Megan: All right, well that is it for this episode. If you are feeling dreamy about all of the clients that are waiting for you, we’d love to hear from you either on social media or send us an email.

If you’re ready to uplevel your branding or your website so that you can magnetically attract your ideal clients, apply to work with me here. Thank you so much for listening, and until next time, stay sparkly.

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