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Hey biz owners! On today’s episode of Your Sparkly Brand, we’re talking all about how to create your signature offer.

In business, you need to be known for something. That could be custom website design, branding identity packages, copywriting services, etc. One way to “become known” for that niche is to create a signature offer for your business.

In this episode, we are digging into what a signature offer is and giving you a step-by-step process for creating a signature offer that will deliver incredible results for your clients. We’re also explaining the things you need to know about setting prices for your offers and showing up consistently to promote them.

Let’s get into it…

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Meg has a return client for a branding project.
  • Lauren challenges herself this week to show up for all the coaching courses and programs she’s currently enrolled in.
  • Let’s create your signature offer! A signature offer is your unique method, process, or way of working with clients to deliver amazing results.
  • It works for service-based businesses.
  • Why you need to create your signature offer.
  • Steps you need to take to create your signature offer.
  • Determine your unique selling point (USP).
  • Know your customer. Need help defining your target client? Grab the Discover Your Dream Customers Workbook here.
  • Know your process. What steps will you take your clients through during this process?
  • Name your signature offer.
  • Create your signature offer so that it includes the whole package that makes it irresistible.
  • Remove the risks for the buyer.
  • Money-back guarantee might be considered for some offers.
  • Include revisions to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the work that you deliver.
  • Determine the pricing for your signature offer.
  • Put out your offer on social media, your email list, etc.
  • Don’t give up.

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