The Dream Client Quest – Discover The Perfect Audience For Your Business

Are you wondering where to find the dream client or customer for your business? Not sure what that even means!?!

In this episode, we’re breaking down this seemingly complex topic. A lot of marketing gurus will talk about reaching your dream clients but they don’t tell you HOW to do that.

Have no fear! After listening to this episode of Your Sparkly Brand, you’ll know exactly who your sparkliest, most dream clients are.

Lauren and I will be using the terms client, customer & avatar interchangeably since many of these concepts are the same whether you sell services or products.

If you want to dig even deeper into this topic be sure to grab the Discover Your Dream Customer Workbook. It’s totally free and will walk you through this entire process step by step.




00:50 Book recommendation: Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism 

2:55 Meg’s Sparkly moment of the week.

4:00 Lauren’s Sparkly moment of the week.

5:55 What exactly is an dream client or customer?

8:20 Why do you need to identify an dream client? “When you try to sell to everyone you reach no one.”

9:30 Lauren’s story about defining and reaching her dream clients.

11:00 Meg tells us how she attracted her dream client on social media.

12:40 How to identify and find your dream clients…

17:00 Freebie alert: Discover Your Dream Customer Workbook


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