Becoming A Small Business Owner with Heather Cleverly

Ever wondered what the transition is like from agency to small business owner? This podcast episode focuses on exactly that! We’re so excited to have Heather Cleverly as our first Sparkly guest!

Heather left her job at a marketing agency to start her own small business. She’s learned a lot along her journey and shares valuable marketing tips and business building advice for other entrepreneurs.

Heather Cleverly has worked with Superman, Chanel, and Burger King, and now she’s building her own business, Magnolia Black. Heather has traveled the world and landed in Atlanta where she’s navigating the waters of entrepreneurship.

How to find Heather…


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00:30 Meet Heather Cleverly!

1:45 Meg’s Sparkly moment of the week — The High Five Habit by Mel Robbins

3:00 Heather’s Sparkly moment of the week.

3:50 Lauren’s Sparkly moment of the week.

5:15 Heather shares her story.

10:00 Transitioning from agency employee to small business owner…

11:30 How Heather builds relationships instead of focusing on “finding clients.”

15:30 Heather’s marketing & growth strategy.

18:00 Learning from other marketers & entrepreneurs.

19:40 Cookie talk.

22:15 Heather’s favorite marketing & business building tools.

24:50 A piece of advice for young entrepreneurs. Mel Robbins’ Video: No One’s Coming

26:15 Learn more about Atlanta Sustainable Fashion Week happening 10/28-10/30 Website & Instagram

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