The Art of Creating & Selling More Merchandise


What’s the secret to selling more merchandise?

To sum it up in a few words:




When you nail these three pillars in your offerings, you position yourself for more sales.

Merch can not only be a reflection of your brand, but also can be a memorable takeaway for your best fans.

Think about how you can create an item that someone “just has to have.” What would that look like?

So, I’d like to give you some tips for conceptualizing merch that will stand out with your audience.


1. Think outside of the t-shirt.

T-shirts are as basic as they come, and yet, they’re probably the first thing that you think of when you hear the word “merchandise.”

Sure, they’re cheap to mass produce, but I challenge you to push yourself to come up with a few creative items that would be unique to your brand.

There are a ton of other options out there for printing.

For instance, you could print custom lighters, hats, bandanas, enamel pins, or stickers.

One of my favorite custom items that I have ever seen was created by one of my friend’s bands. Their band has a dark kind of vibe, and they created custom tarot cards to sell at their shows.

The options are endless.

Dream it and get it printed!


2. Try a merchandise design that goes beyond your logo.

If you have brand guidelines in place, you should have a clear idea of how your brand should be presenting itself to the world.

You may have a few core adjectives that you feel fully describes what you do.

You can use that inspiration and infuse it into your merchandise design!

While logos are awesome and definitely have their uses, merch is a great place to get to play with your brand and explore the different possibilities of stretching and molding it into something less concrete.


3. Hand-made items go a long way.

There’s something special about giving someone a gift that is hand-crafted.

It’s the time and energy that the creator has put into its creation – which is invaluable.

One of my friends recently created a series of hand-bound book of original poems and sold them. Talk about peeking into someone’s soul.

What personal touch could you give to your merch items that would give your audience that inside look?


4. Have merch items at various price points.

One of my mentors always says, “the most dangerous number in business is one.”

And it’s true.

Make sure you’ve got something for the superfan that wants the extra-special-exclusive-one-time-only kit and kaboodle, as well as something for the kid who’s only got $5 in his pocket.

Sales are sales – and having a variety of different priced offerings will make the entry to a sale more accessible.

Because of that, you will have an easier time hitting your income goals.

I hope, by now, you’ve got some ideas brewing for your own endeavors.

If you need guidance on how to get started with making these ideas a reality, I offer done-for-you design services, as well as consulting. Book a call with me by clicking the button below, and I’d love to chat with you about how I can help you on this journey.


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