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Have you invested in your business recently? Maybe you’ve hired a copywriter to write high-converting sales copy, a brand designer to create custom branding design or a website designer to build an eye-catching website. Nice move! Still… a lot of entrepreneurs are left wondering “Now what?” after investing in services to help their biz grow. 

In this episode of Your Sparkly Brand, we’re sharing how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to implementing the tools and services you’ve invested in to grow your business.

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Meg is in the process of partnering with one of her favorite clients.
  • Lauren devises a new trick to juggle her business and her clients’ works.
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  • Today, we’re talking about what comes next after getting your branding and copywriting done.
  • If it’s a copy, put it out there.
  • Update your SEO, title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Share with your team.
  • Repurpose pieces.
  • Internalize the messaging in your copy.
  • Pull your favorite phrases and turn them into elevator pitch.
  • When it comes to custom branding design, it is about the same process as copy.
  • When you have your branding in place, update it everywhere.
  • Refer to your brand guide for how things should be implemented.
  • Distribute your brand style guide to your team.
  • Make a plan to announce your new custom branding design.
  • Plan enough time for the integration piece.
  • When working with a coach, joining a mastermind or running a course, come with an open mind.
  • Commit 100%.
  • Set goals.
  • Take advantage of available community components.
  • When you have a new website, promote your website.
  • Keep your website updated.
  • Study your analytics.
  • Secure your website data.
  • If you need to integrate your branding into your marketing assets, the VIP Design Intensives is your go to.

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