How to Beat Your Brain’s Dick Moves & Become A Millionaire CEO with Erica Reitman – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast


What will it take to become the millionaire CEO version of yourself? Erica Reitman joins us for today’s episode of Your Sparkly Brand. She talks about her journey to becoming a rule-breaking business coach for industry disruptors. She also shares her concept called “your brain is a dick” and how entrepreneurs can beat their brain’s dick moves. We also discuss an important, actionable way entrepreneurs can take their brands from basic to iconic.

Erica is a rule-breaking biz coach for industry disruptors who recently launched the Icon Agency, a first-of-its-kind biz empire building agency combining 1:1 coaching, DFY services, mindset work, and accountability—basically everything you need to build those million-dollar foundations in your biz. She currently lives in Mexico City with her husband and biz partner, Greg, and her senior Basset Hound Abe.

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Key Points For This Episode

  • Meg’s sparkly moment of the week.
  • Lauren’s sparkly moment.
  • Erica’s sparkly moment.
  • Erica’s business building journey.
  • Erica’s “Your Brain is a Dick” concept.
  • The importance of mindset work for Erica and her approach to mindset with her clients.
  • “Stepping Into Your Millionaire CEO Self” concept.
  • The Zero Fucks Club.
  • How entrepreneurs can get comfortable being transparent about how much they are making, and the essence of this transparency as a factor for becoming a millionaire CEO.
  • Talking openly about pricing as a service provider.
  • How entrepreneurs can avoid feeling sleazy when selling their products or services.
  • Erica’s Icon retreat and her strategy for documenting her experience.
  • An actionable way that entrepreneurs can take their business from basic to iconic and step into millionaire CEO energy.
  • An action that Erica took to uplevel at some point in her business.
  • Erica’s upcoming projects.
  • Where to find Erica online…

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