How to Sell Event Tickets Without Social Media


You’ll hear it time and time again. The money is in your email marketing.

Building a strong mailing list of your fans is one of the most valuable things that you can do within your marketing strategy. Social media could all be destroyed tomorrow, and those followers would be lost.

You own your email list.

These are people that have willfully signed up to hear from you on a regular basis.

They want your content.

Nourishing those relationships is critical to long-term success.

Here are a few tips for success with your emails:


  • Send frequently and consistently. Optimal frequency can vary from market to market. By simply making a schedule and sticking to it, you create accountability for yourself. If you’re a venue or promoter, try sending once per week. If you’re a band or artist, try sending bimonthly.
  • Test send days and times. Even a half hour difference can sometimes make a huge impact on your open rate. Make sure to look at the data of your past sends and double down where you’re getting the most impact.
  • Send yourself test emails. Make sure to check every link within your email to confirm that everything is working. Give it a once over for spelling and grammar as well.
  • Check your emails on mobile. If you’re not designing for mobile, you’re doing it wrong. Think about all of the people that you see crossing the street checking their phones – over half of internet consumption is now via mobile device.
  • Include clear calls to action. When selling tickets, include large, brightly colored TICKETS buttons under the show information. Make it effortless for your customers to complete a sale. The less steps there are to purchase, the better.
  • Experiment with subject lines. Your perfectly crafted email doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t get opened. There’s a lot of junk that comes through people’s inboxes- try different subject lines to see what catches their eye.
  • Link every image in your email. We have been trained, as consumers, to click on images. Even if it’s a playful gif, link it to your website.
  • Use a custom branded email template. Include your logo, along with custom text and link colors. You’ll look like the real deal to both your audience and your clients.
  • Segment your email list for targeted messages. These kinds of emails always tend to perform better than mass blasts, because you are catering to a specific audience with a specific message. One idea that works well is rewarding your most loyal fans with early access to a product or something you have been working on.

Perfecting your email strategy is definitely an art. You can use performance statistics to guide you, but at the end of the day, you have to have a message that your audience cares about.

Are you building and nourishing an email list? What strategies are you using that are working?

If you need help building your list – please reach out to me at I’d love to help you reach your sales goals.