The Ultimate Guide To Building A Music Brand That Stands Out

Want your music brand to become memorable? You’ve got to nail your messaging, visuals, and the overall vibe that you create with your audience.

So many music businesses fall into the trap of creating branding that looks good, but aesthetics will only get you so far. You need branding that is infused with marketing strategy to help you build more authority, expand your online presence, and attract your dream clients/opportunities into your music business.

What Makes A Memorable Music Brand?

Who comes to mind when you think of iconic music brands? Maybe it’s Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, or Taylor Swift. What do these music brands all have in common?

  • They create their own unique lane in the music business. From their live shows to the way that they dress to their online presence, each of these music brands has a distinct vibe.
  • They innovate in a way that no one else is. You may have heard about Taylor Swift Showing up at a fan’s party when asked. She does the unexpected and goes the extra mile to connect with her audience.
  • These brands honor their audience’s needs and desires. Feedback is an important part of any business, and taking this into account helps to build a stronger bond with the audience.
  • They create a feeling / energy that makes them magnetic and show up in a way that leaves the audience wanting more.

How Do You Build A Memorable Music Brand?

Building an iconic music brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes intention, marketing strategy, and time to craft a music business that truly connects with the audience.

You can do this through:

  • Branding design elements. These might include your logo, color palette, textures, pattern, fonts, etc. Using these visual signifiers will help you build brand recognition over time and stand out in a unique way.
  • Vibe curation. What is the brand voice/tone you want to use with your audience? What adjectives would you use to describe your brand? What type of personality do you want your music brand to have? How are you creating a customer service experience or communicating with your audience in a way that feels authentic?
  • Consistency. Aim to create a visual throughline throughout your digital and physical marketing. When someone from your audience moves from your social media to your website to buying something from you, it should feel like they are in the right place. Creating a brand style guide and branded templates can be helpful because they pre-determine how your marketing efforts will look. With these tools, you do not have to start from scratch every time you want to promote your business.

Which music branding strategy do you need to focus on? ✨ Consistent, personality-packed visuals paired with authentic community building creates unforgettable music brands. Need help coming up with some creative ideas for how to implement this for your music business? Get in touch! #musicbranding #womeninmusicbusiness #musiccreative #djproducers #artistmanagers

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Building Your Unique Music Brand DNA

Even if your music brand is a small part of a larger brand, I always encourage my branding clients to build their own personal brand.

The company brand often embodies the business’ values, how it treats employees/customers, and the broader mission for how they will serve.

With personal branding, you can integrate what YOU uniquely bring to the mix, your experiences, stories, insights, and expertise. These brands are key in building trust with the audience. People like to get to know and buy from other people.

When building your personal brand, consider:

  • What are your competitors doing well when it comes to their products/services? What is the experience like? How are they creating brand consistency and what marketing touchpoints are they using to build loyalty with their audience?
  • How your competitors could improve. Check out the reviews/comments that you can see across their online properties.
  • Your own observations about similar providers / within the industry. Are there any gaps that you can fill?
  • What’s your “secret sauce?” How are you different than the rest? Your approach, values, process, and personalization can help distinguish you from the crowd. What are some ways that you can make your clients feel supported?

Build Your Music Brand Visuals

Now that you’ve got the general direction for your music brand, you’ve got to build out the visual assets that you will use in your marketing. This may include:

  • Logo variants
  • Font system
  • Color palette
  • Photography and image style
  • Brand pattern
  • Iconography
  • Branded templates
  • Social media guidelines

Compiling these visual components into a brand style guide will help you create a go-to reference for all of your marketing. This document will show what visuals to use, how to use them, and what scenarios to avoid. Once these guidelines are established, your marketing process will become more streamlined.

Wehearnoise Music Brand Components - showing the logo design, submarks, color palette, and image treatment with fonts

Integrating Your Music Brand Components

You’ve got your brand guide in place… now what?

It’s time to implement your branding everywhere!

  • Carve out time for this after your rebranding process. Depending on how many assets your music business has in place, this can take a bit longer than expected!
  • The more consistent you can get, the easier it will be to build brand recognition. Your audience will eventually come to recognize that certain colors, fonts, aesthetics are associated with your brand.
  • People need to see (and recognize) your brand several times before they will buy. Your audience needs to know, like, and trust you before handing over their credit card. By showing up consistently with great content, you can build this trust with them prior to asking for the sale.

Integrate your new branding into your website, social media templates, email marketing, printed materials, etc.

Ready to start attracting dream clients to your music brand?

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