Music Industry Trends In 2024 – Branding And Design Edition

As a branding and website designer who has been in the space for over 17 years, I’ve seen a ton of music industry trends come and go. 

Check out my Tiktok video below to discover some of the biggest changes that I have observed from music brands over the years.


What other evolotions have you noticed in the music industry? 🎶 It’s so important to stand out as a music brand, especially in current times where the online space is LOUD and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of other brands! That’s why it’s my mission to help you infuse your personality and vibe into your website design and branding so that you become immediately recognizable when people see your site, social media, etc! Ready to start standing out from the crowd? Get in touch! #themusicbusiness #musicindustrymentor #workinginmusic #musicmerchandise #artistmanagers #musicbrand

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Music industry trend #1: Visual aesthetics are more important than ever before.

When you think about brands like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or the Rolling Stones, you’ll start to realize that branding and positioning have always been an important factor in the music industry.

With the rise of social media, music artists have so much more access than they ever have before, which also means that there is a lot more competition out there.

This factor has made branding even more important than it has been in the past.

You really have to strive to do something different, create unique visual identifiers, and stand out amongst all of the noise.

One of the first things that I always do with my branding clients is to take a look at what others are doing in their space, and then do a giant brainstorm on how they can differentiate in a BOLD way.

Music industry trend #2: Branding is being used in a lot more creative ways.

When I was a designer at Live Nation back in 2009, I focused a lot on the merchandising and ticketing sides of the music industry.

When I compare how branding is being used now compared to what I saw back then, I’m seeing so much more innovation when it comes to brand design elements being integrated into the overall strategy.

Slapping a logo design onto a t-shirt kind of feels like a cop out at this point.

You’ve got to do some critical thinking when it comes to merchandise and experience creation for their fans.

Here’s a great example of how Fred Again is doing this within his live concert experiences:


3 Secrets To Standing Out As A Music Brand. ✨ Consider what others are doing in your niche and then as yourself – how can you do it differently or in a unique way? This is why it’s so important to have a strong branding foundation / brand style guide in place for your music biz. Of course, it contains design elements like your logo, color palette, fonts, etc. but it also will help to guide you on the FEELING that you want the audience to associate with your brand. Have questions? Drop them in the comments. #musicbrand #musicbranding #musicianbranding #musicianband #musicindustryprofessional #greenscreen

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Music industry trend #3: Integration of AI into design.

There’s been a lot of chatter in the music industry about how AI is going to be integrated into design workflows.

AI definitely isn’t going away, and we’re going to start seeing more interesting examples of how it can be used within music branding.

I’ve been diving into learning about AI tools as much as possible because this is going to allow me to create hyper-customized mockups for my clients within our custom branding projects.

However – I will say this – one thing that I have heard time and time again from my branding clients is that they feel like they know me, even though we have only worked together over Zoom calls.

I think that that human connection is something really special that you won’t be able to get from AI.

Eventually, we will likely even see the rise of “human generated” branding design / art.

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