Princess Etch Colorful Website Design

Project Description

Princess Etch (aka Jane Labowitch) is a professional Etch-A-Sketch artist based in Maryland. She's created art for Disney, Netflix, Cartoon Network, MTV, Marvel, Blizzard, and many more.

With the website redesign, Jane had the goal of wanting to attract more corporate clients, while maintaining a playful element of fun.

With this objective in mind, we set out to create a clean, bold website design that struck the perfect balance.

Project Features

  • Multi-page design that creates a space for showcasing the artist's work, sharing information about event / workshop opportunities, and a robust booking page 

  • Mobile-friendly layout, so that website visitors have a great experience, regardless of the device that they are using

  • Bright & fun design that aligns with the artist’s aesthetic.
Website development in collaboration with Nina Pacifico

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Thank you again, Megan, for just knocking it out of the park!

Thanks to the incredible professional help of Megan Gersch, graphic and web designer extraordinaire, I cannot be more tickled pink by how amazingly my branding and website turned out! 

- Jane Labowitch, AKA Princess Etch

Happy Client

Discordian Design is a multi-sensory experience design agency. With this website design, we prominently showcase the business' bold and innovative work.

Princess Etch is a professional Etch-A-Sketch artist. Her reimagined branding helps her to position her bespoke services and confidently promote her business.

Princess Etch Branding Identity

This bold and colorful website design that creates a space for shopping Dani DiPirro's work, showcasing blog articles, housing freebies, and more.

Positively Present Website Design

Discordian Design Website Design

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