Positively Present Colorful Website Design

Project Description

Dani DiPirro is an artist, author, and the creator of the popular Instagram account, @positivelypresent. She has been featured on ELLE, Forbes, Glamour, and The Washington Post Express.

Dani wanted to redesign her website to more fully encapsulate the bright and bold aesthetic of her work.

Project Features

  • Multi-page design that creates a space for shopping the artist’s work, showcasing blog articles, housing freebies, and more.

  • Mobile-friendly layout, so that website visitors have a great experience, regardless of the device that they are using

  • Bright & fun design that aligns with the artist’s aesthetic.


- Dani DiPirro, Artist and Author For @PositivelyPresent 

Highly recommend hiring Megan for website design services!

Working with Megan was amazing from the get-go. She was organized, professional, and responsive to every query I had. Not only do I LOVE the design of my site, but working with her was such a great experience, which is so important with the web design process. 

Happy Client


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