Exploring Time Flow & Creativity with Rosalind Croad


This episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur who struggles with productivity and time management! Join us as we explore strategies to tap into time flow and cultivating your creativity.

Ros Croad is a zealous systems strategist for creative solopreneurs. She helps them bring zenful flow to their systems with her company, Time Flow. Her eclectic career started in the film industry in New Zealand, before she moved to London to co-found Affiliate World, an international events company specializing in online marketing.

Ros has produced a vast range of events from immersive theatrical large-scale parties to networking conferences for female entrepreneurs and even a short film that was nominated for a BAFTA. Since the Covid pandemic, she completely reshaped her life starting her newest company and leaving the big city for Brighton. Now she has more time for bouldering, art-making, community events, and vegan fish and chips.

How to find Ros…
Social: Instagram and Linkedin


00:45 Meet Rosalind “Ros” Croad!
1:40 Our Sparkly moments of the week.
3:05 Ros’s life-changing book recommendation: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
4:45 Ros shares her story.
6:30 Ros gets her start in New Zealand then moves to London.
8:15 Building an international event company.
11:00 How The Artist’s Way can help bring more creativity into every part of your life.
12:15 Simple systems for solopreneurs…
15:20 Throw away your to-do list! Put it in your calendar instead.
17:50 Realistic time blocking.
23:00 “Take a damn nap!”
25:55 The importance of clear thinking and un-bottlenecking your business.
28:10 “Building a business isn’t an ego-system, it’s an ecosystem.”
29:50 Being courageous enough to admit you don’t know and can’t do everything.
32:00 Letting go of control.
33:45 Time-saving & sanity-saving tips.
39:40 Advice to entrepreneurs that are just starting out.
41:30 Ros’s creative quest.
42:45 Follow Ros on Instagram and Linkedin for more Time Flow tips!

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