Radical Rebrand - website redesign preparation - what assets do you need to prep for a website redesign?

If the thought of revamping your website feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. I’m Megan Gersch, and in today’s episode, we’re diving into website redesign preparation – and I’m walking you through what assets you’ll need to gather for your creative business.

Website Redesign Preparation, Simplified – RADICAL REBRAND Podcast Ep 3

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Radical Rebrand Podcast - Threads, Manychat, and Pinterest as Lead Generation Sources

In this episode, host Megan Gersch dives into exciting new experiments (including using the Threads social media app as a lead generation source, a semi-automated Pinterest strategy, ramping up output on Youtube, and a complex Manychat quiz automation) she’s implementing in her business to promote her branding and website design services.

Threads, Manychat, and Pinterest As Lead Generation Sources – RADICAL REBRAND Podcast Ep 2

Radical Rebrand Podcast - The Oracle Deck Experiment Begins

Welcome to the RADICAL REBRAND podcast, where we delve into the world of creativity, branding, and business. Join your host, Megan Gersch, as she embarks on a new journey with this experimental podcast.

The Oracle Deck Experiment Begins – RADICAL REBRAND Podcast Ep 1

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Music brand playing a live concert

Want your music brand to become memorable? Discover how in this comprehensive guide.

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Music Brand That Stands Out

Music industry trends - showing a music brand image of a woman with headphones laying on a pink background

As a branding and website designer who has been in the space for over 17 years, I’ve seen a ton of music industry trends come and go. 

Music Industry Trends In 2024 – Branding And Design Edition

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Photo of an woman music artist singing into a microphone - featured image for my music website reviews

These music website reviews showcase some of my best recommendations for standing out from the crowd and modernizing your website design.

Music Website Reviews That You Can Steal Marketing Strategies From

Photo of a DJ music brand playing a live event with fog blasting into the air

If you want your music brand to stand out amongst all of the competition you’ve got to go above and beyond with your branding strategy.

3 Keys To Building A Music Brand That Stands Out

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Your Sparkly Brand - 5 Steps To Crafting A Winning Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition will help you truly stand out from competitors and become a niche of ONE! Listen to this episode now to craft yours!

5 Steps to Crafting a Winning Unique Selling Proposition – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

Your Sparkly Brand - The Truth About Omni-Channel Social Media in 2023 with the Mad Marketing Mums

Today’s episode of Your Sparkly Brand is double the fun! We’re welcoming the hosts of The Mad Marketing Mums Podcast, Clementine Holman and Kryshla Salaris.

The Truth About Omni-Channel Social Media in 2023 with The Mad Marketing Mums – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

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Your Sparkly Brand - Brave Yes Power Moves: How To Uplevel Your Biz With Shawn Fink

Shawn Fink joins us for this episode of Your Sparkly Brand! She shares the story of how she became a courage coach for women and how she is helping her clients make Brave YES Power Moves to grow their businesses.

How To Uplevel Your Biz with Brave YES Power Moves Featuring Shawn Fink – Your Sparkly Brand Podcast