DIY Brand Kit

If you're ready to create a memorable brand that all of your customers RAVE about, you need the DIY Brand Kit.

There are tons of brand board templates out there, but they lack the STRATEGY needed to create an effective brand identity.

The DIY Brand Kit includes:

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The Discover Your Dream Customers Workbook, which will help you pinpoint your ideal clients / customers.

A video including the strategy that you need to create branding that will resonate with your target audience.

The brand guide Canva template that I use for all of my clients (that includes space to plug in your mission, core values, logo variants, brand marks, logo usage guidelines, color palette with color codes, font system, pattern / texture, photography, guidelines for how images play with text, brand voice, and iconography)

A PDF copy of the slides within the strategy video, so that you can leverage the tools easily and reference each page at your own pace.

Exclusive opportunity for me to review your branding materials once they are complete.

Photo Blitz Showit Website Template

This Showit website template was strategically created for service based businesses - photographers, artists, and creatives. It combines bold aesthetics with a marketing-driven approach - to drive more engagement to your brand's offers.


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